Friday, July 1, 2016

Diabetic Foot Care

Professional Foot Care for Those Living With Diabetes
Even if your diabetes is well-controlled, the condition can ultimately cause damage to the nerves in your feet that results in a loss of sensation. If your feet feel numb, you may have difficulty recognizing when you have injured them. If you have affected circulation to your feet, they may not heal as well if you do experience an injury. These and other considerations are why professional foot care at our Crystal Lake, IL podiatrist’s office is so important to a person living with diabetes.

Preventive Services We Provide
Because those with diabetes experience affected sensations, it can be difficult to safely cut their toenails. Not only can ingrown toenails occur, but a person could accidentally cut their skin, which could be hard for a person with diabetes to heal. At Dr. Rahil Baxamusa’s office, patients can come in to have their toenails safely trimmed to reduce the risk for damage.

Dr. Baxamusa can also perform a thorough evaluation, determining how much sensation and circulation a patient has to their feet. He can also make recommendations as to comfortable shoes that also offer excellent protection to your feet. He can recommend daily exercises that encourage good circulation to the feet.

Treatments Are Available
In addition to preventive services, Dr. Baxamusa can treat wounds on a person’s foot or feet to enhance the healing process. Ideally, if a person can seek treatment early enough, they won’t experience serious complications from a scrape, cut, or wound on the feet.

If you or a loved one has diabetes and hasn’t had their feet evaluated recently, it may be time to schedule a check-in appointment to ensure your feet are as healthy as they can be.

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